Proud Sponsor of the Hollin Hills House and Garden Tour

I remember the first time I drove through Hollin Hills it felt like a dream. It felt like a DISCOVERY. I was young and I remember thinking, “someday…”

A few years later in 2013, my wife and I bought a home in Hollin Hills. The bones were exceptional, but it needed a lot of love after 50 years of wear. We took the home down to the studs before building it back up again. It was a labor of love, and while hard at times, gave us a new perspective on the uniqueness of the architecture, and pride for helping this home shine again like it once did.

I loved the architecture and the history of the neighborhood, but it’s been the lifestyle that has made this place a true breath of fresh air. My kids walk to the pool, the library, and their school. THEY love it here, and as a parent, what more can you ask for?

Our neighborhood is united, and our many friends, just down the road, helped us stay sane during the pandemic with outdoor gatherings and a, “we’re in it together” attitude. The seasonal beauty here keeps us in awe, and we’re thankful for this peaceful refuge just outside the bustling city.

  • I’m honored to live here, grateful for the work of the Civic Association of Hollin Hills, and proud to be a sponsor of the Hollin Hills House + Garden Tour 2021. If you love mid-century modern architecture, if you are looking to discover something exceptional in the DMV, or if you are just looking to understand better how a home can provide a connection to nature, join the Tour on Sept 25.

Tickets are expected to sell out soon so purchase them today.

Sean Vann

Sean Vann

Sean Vann, Realtor

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