Local and Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide: DMV Metro

When Giving Is All We Have – Alberto Ríos “Giving is, first and every time, hand to hand,Mine to yours, yours to mine.You gave me blue and I gave you yellow.Together we are simple green. You gave meWhat you did not have, and I gave youWhat I had to give—together, we madeSomething greater from theContinue reading “Local and Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide: DMV Metro”

Hollin Hills’ First Mid-century Modern House

If you’re like me and have a relentless curiosity about how things came to be, you may find the history of Hollin Hills in Alexandria, Virginia equally fascinating. As a Realtor and resident of this unique, mid-century modern neighborhood, I find it incredibly enchanting to learn about the visionaries behind the modernist architecture and landscaping,Continue reading “Hollin Hills’ First Mid-century Modern House”

A Photo Recap of the 2021 Hollin Hills Home & Garden Tour

The Hollin Hills Home & Garden Tour has been a cherished tradition since 1953. This year, on September 25, thirteen Hollin Hillers opened their homes and gardens to more than 1,500 visitors. As a resident of Hollin Hills and sponsor of the tour, I was honored to support the Civic Association of Hollin Hills (CAHH)Continue reading “A Photo Recap of the 2021 Hollin Hills Home & Garden Tour”

River Farm in Alexandria—Not for Sale

Yesterday, the American Horticultural Society’s board decided to take the beloved River Farm, a 27-acre property along the Potomac River, off the market. Initially listed by @compass in 2020 for $32 million, the board rejected offers in March and September this year from the Northern Virginia Conservation Trust (NVCT) and the Northern Virginia Park Authority (NOVA Parks).Continue reading “River Farm in Alexandria—Not for Sale”